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Pukka Herbs | Herbal Tea Selection Box | 9 Flavours | 45 Sachets | Organic Herbal Tea | Tea Collection | Green Tea | Chamomile Tea | Fennel Tea

Amazon.co.uk Price: $19.86 (as of 08/11/2023 22:09 PST- Details)

Filled with all the delicious flavours nature has to offer, discover 9 of our favourite blends inside our Tea Selection Box
Made with only the highest quality ingredients, sustainably and ethically sourced from around the world
Discover the delicious flavours of; Lemong Ginger & Manuka Honey, Night Time, Peppermint & Licorice, Three Ginger, Turmeric Gold, Elderberry & Echinacea, Supreme Matcha Green, Love & Feel New

Amazon.co.uk Price: $19.86 (as of 08/11/2023 22:09 PST- Details)

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Product Description

Selection of loving organic herbal tea blends to take you from morning to night with vitality and joy. 45 sachets of fantastic organic herbal teas selected from the Pukka range.


Supreme Matcha Green: Sencha green tea (34%); Oothu green tea (32%); Pin Ho Wild Jade green tea (32%); Matcha powder (Jeju Island Emerald) (2%). Turmeric Gold: Turmeric root (40%); Suoi Gang green tea (20%); licorice root; cardamom pod; lemon Vana tulsi leaf; lemon very important oilflavour (6%); lemon whole (6%). Peppermint & Licorice:Peppermint leaf (60%); licorice root (40%). Feel New: Aniseed (42.5%); sweet fennel seed (22.5%); cardamom pod (15%); licorice root; coriander seed; turmeric root. Elderberry & Echinacea: Licorice root; ginger root; echinacea root and leaf (10%); beetroot; aniseed; elderflower (8%); peppermint leaf; orange peel; rosehip; elderberry (6%); acerola fruit; orange very important oil flavour; natural blackcurrant flavour. Three Ginger: Ginger root (51%); galangal root (28%); licorice root; turmeric root (4%); natural ginger extract. Love: Chamomile flower (25%); limeflower; elderflower; marigold flower; licorice root; rose flower (5%) lavender flower (5%). Lemon Ginger & Manuka Honey: Ginger root (32%); licorice root; elderflower; sweet fennel seed; lemon verbena leaf; turmeric root; lemon very important oil flavour (6%); lemon whole (6%); lemon myrtle leaf; manuka honey flavour. Night Time: OAT FLOWERING TOPS (30%); licorice root; chamomile flower; lavender flower (14%); lime flower (10%); valerian root; tulsi leaf.

Amazon.co.uk Price: $19.86 (as of 08/11/2023 22:09 PST- Details)

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